Operating Rooms, Intensive Care Units & Anesthesia

Operating Rooms, Intensive Care Units & Anesthesia

To enable our customers to provide the required continuum of care, Medtechnica provides product and service solutions that can cover various ICU and anesthesia needs. Our expertise includes all consulting, planning, construction, and after-sales services pertaining to fabricated rooms, as well as the delivery and installation of OR equipment – operating tables and lights, celling pendants, monitors, hospital beds, infusion and injection pumps, and apparatuses for anesthesia, respiratory and patient monitoring systems, all of which are controlled by hospital automation systems, using sophisticated connectivity and interoperability solutions.

Multi Parameter Patient Monitors

Mechanical Ventilation

Fluid Management

Anesthesia Machine

Renal Function Monitoring

Blood Gaz Analyser

Regional Oxymety

Brain monitoring

Video Laryngoscope

Patient Information Center

Patient Monitoring and Connectivity Platform

Neonatal SpO2 monitoring

Neonatal Ventilation

Phototherapy for neonatal jaundice

Neonatal monitoring

Modular Operating Rooms

Operating Tables

OR Integrative Systems

Ceiling Supply Units

Operating Lights

Medical Furniture

Infection Control

Hospital Automation

Advanced Measurements and Centralized Monitoring

Plateform Philips

Clinical Diagnostic Systems

ICU beds

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