POCUS Ultrasound – Point Of Care Ultrasound Israeli Medical Association

As part of the company’s ongoing activities and in the spirit of the “Medtechnica Academy”, Medtechnica joined forces with the Israeli Medical Association to sponsor the first ultrasound course (POCUS). POCUS is an innovative method that allows physicians to use the ultrasound device conveniently and directly, in order to detect specific problems. Additionally, it enables a quick and accurate diagnosis at the patient’s bedside, be it at the hospital or at home.

The course was attended by over 50 doctors from various fields of practice including family medicine, intensive care, children, gastro and more. Each participant practiced working with the equipment during online classes, and at the end of the course, there was a practical workshop in which participants practiced what they learned in the course.

The course was delivered by a team of top-notch ultrasound doctors and technicians.

  • Click here to watch a short video about the LUMIFY device by PHILIPS, an amazing little device!
  • Use of the device under field conditions – from an article broadcast on Channel 13 News about a delegation of Israeli doctors who flew to India

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